Amigos Key get’s your business services on demand.

Web Development & Support

All our Desk assistant plans are designed to suit the needs of any type of client. We specialize working with a homemaker, start-up entrepreneur, and an established business house. Your Amigos Key will quite simply take care of everything when the month ends. Our Amigos Key are proficient with a variety of business tools to effectively manage your tasks assigned.

  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Support
  • Web Apps
  • Android Apps
  • CMS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Operations & Process Improvement

Web Support & Analysis

Need to do some preliminary market research for that product launch? Your DA can comparison shop, find the best options for your needs and schedule viewings back-to-back to minimize friction and get you back to work!

  • Online research on services, products
  • Business research on various industries and verticals
  • Find facts and figures for your office assignments
  • Order products online and have them shipped
  • Competitive research on companies similar to yours
  • Find contact information for a person, service, company
  • Research and formulate content for your blogs, presentations and projects

Online Services

Our online experts helps you find the best deals online, do product comparisons and more. Our DA can help you manage your online sellers account by crunching tedious tasks like listing ads, writing product descriptions, follow-ups with customers.

  • Best online services
  • listing products
  • order processing
  • returns/exchanges assistance
  • inventory management
  • product ordering & follow-ups
  • updating current product information
  • writing product descriptions
  • managing product inquiries

Designing Services

Whether it's organizing your busy schedule, managing leads, or helping keep your work life organized —various web, graphics design tasks...

  • Respond to emails on your behalf
  • Manage your calendar and schedule meetings
  • Find and order products and services
  • Keep your contacts list up to date
  • Deal with customer service, utilities, airlines, etc.
  • Schedule appointments with doctors, trainers, salons, etc.
  • Remind you of stuff you might otherwise forget
  • Help coordinate events, manage invites, etc.
  • Order lunch for you and your colleagues

Online Research & Analysis

It’s tough keeping up with multiple social platforms everyday. At the same time you don’t want to miss important updates of your close friends and family. Your DA will post messages on your behalf and read the one’s which you prioritize. DA overtakes your social media content and increases your visibility to a whole new level.

  • Increase your social visibility online
  • Understand important events and posts on your behalf
  • Read important news feeds or sends them via email
  • Manage your account videos, photos and more
  • Sharing important articles and blogs
  • Answer questions on your social channels

Set up & Install Business

Worried about missing the important meeting tomorrow, or need a reminder on an approaching event. Your Desk Assistant is your best scheduler who update’s your calendar and reminds you about the days which you can’t afford to miss.

  • Works in Sync with your existing time
  • Create ideal business
  • Generate Automated process
  • Prioritize of your buzz installation over digital world
  • provide every need of your start up business